The Giving Tree – Art Auction

The Giving Tree - Art Auction - Mossgreen Gallery
for Australian Prostate Cancer Research

Mossgreen Gallery
925-930 High Street, Armadale
Melbourne, Australia
Thursday 23 January 2014
6pm viewing, 7pm auction
Auction Catalogue 2014

I decided to support the vitally important and life saving research of Australian Prostate Cancer Research, after my husband underwent a radical prostatectomy in 2013 and I witnessed first hand the impressive results of that research. I became closely acquainted with Professor Tony Costello and Penny Costello and the work they and the team at Australian Prostate Cancer Research are doing and their tireless dedication to find better ways to deal with prostate cancer and ultimately, hopefully to prevent it altogether. It was clear that, for this to be achieved, they need more support than moral support, they need monetary support.

Which is why we have organised “The Giving Tree” Art Auction based on the book, “The Giving Tree” by Sheil Silverstein. A very touching tale about the spirit of generosity and kindness, and selfless giving.

Mary Schepisi

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